Guide RC4022 - General Information for GST/HST Registrants
Download this guide from Canada Revenue Agency for basic information on GST/HST.

GST/HST Information from Canada Revenue Agency
Learn the basics of GST/HST including registering, charging, collecting and remitting.

GST/HST and Indians, Indian bands, and band-empowered entities
Learn how GST/HST applies to goods and services purchased by/sold by Indians, Indian bands, or band-empowered entities.

GST/HST on goods/services sold to other provinces or outside of Canada (Place of supply rules)
Learn the place of supply rules for determining whether a supply is made in a province and how GST/HST applies to the sale.


Guide T4002 – Business and Professional Income (Sole Proprietor/Partnership)
Learn how to calculate the business income and expenses to report on your income taxes as a sole proprietor or partnership.

Guide T4012 – T2 Corporation – Income Tax Guide (Corporation)
Learn how to complete the T2 Corporation Income Tax Return.

Guide T4117 – Income Tax Guide to the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Information Return
Learn how to complete the information return for a non profit organization.

List of Business Expenses
Browse through the list of business expense items that you can claim.

Keeping Records
Learn the requirements for keeping records and supporting documents for your business.