Marketing and Social Media


Guide to Market Research and Developing a Marketing Plan
Read through our guide to help determine the feasibility of your business idea, identify how to promote your product/service and develop a competitive strategy.

What is marketing?
Marketing is about determining the value of your product or service and communicating that information to customers.

Marketing, advertising and sales regulations
Learn the various regulations, permits and licences related to marketing, advertising and sales.

Marketing strategies
Review three strategies that you can use to attract the attention of customers.

Learn about the three factors you should consider when setting a price for your product/service.

Online marketing techniques
Discover various marketing techniques to help boost your online presence.


How to use Facebook for business
Learn how to create a business Facebook page and discover best practices.

How to engage fans on Facebook
Learn how to increase the engagement between your customers and your brand on Facebook.

How to create epic Facebook ads
Learn how Facebook advertising works and how to create epic ads.

How to use Twitter for Business
Discover the tactics you need to know to grow your business on Twitter.

How to use LinkedIn for business
Learn how to create a LinkedIn business account.

The Ultimate List of LinkedIn Tips
Read through a list of LinkedIn tips you may be overlooking.

How to use Pinterest for business
Learn how to create a Pinterest business account and discover best practices.