All About Zoom

Mondays @ 5pm
Tuesdays @ 1pm and 5pm
Thursdays @ 1pm and 5pm
Fridays @ 1pm

Zoom expert Raul Montes will take you on a grand tour of the Zoom product suite.

We'll cover such features as calendar integrations, recording, screen sharing, annotation, virtual backgrounds, and more! What's more, you'll receive an overview of our desktop and mobile meetings, IM service, webinar platform, conference room solutions (Zoom Rooms and H.323/SIP Connector), and Zoom's premium audio plan.


Why Your Business Needs An Online Store - ShopHERE powered by Google

Thursdays @ 11:30am

The goal of ShopHERE Powered By Google is to build and optimize online stores for small independent businesses and artists in just a matter of days. With ShopHERE, businesses get to expand their selling opportunities into the online market.

When I sign up with ShopHERE, what do I get?

  • An online Shopify ecommerce website customized with your information, theme, logo and branding
  • Hands-on assistance setting up and launching your online store
  • Additional training to support your online store including topics like digital marketing, shipping and inventory management
  • Access to free tools to help support the successful launch of your online store

In this webinar you will get the answers to the top questions we’ve received about the ShopHERE program, including:

  • Who is Digital Main Street?
  • What is ShopHERE?
  • What does it mean to sell online, and why should my business?
  • Do I qualify for this program?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • Do you have any examples of completed websites?


Funding for Small Business

September 30th 2pm

In this session, you will gain an in-depth understanding of local funding resources from grants to loans, designed to assist in business start-up and growth.  Representatives from a variety of organizations provide answers to common questions about specific programming such as accessing, qualifying and eligibility of expenses. 


Coffee Chat with Ramakko's

October 6th 9am

We welcome Brian Ramakko, owner of Ramakko's to share with us heis experience.

With a lack of innovation in Sudbury’s fishing community, Brian Ramakko sought out to open a store that offered Sudbury the fishing worlds latest and greatest gadgets and gear. That was 1984. Fast forward to 2020, where Ramakko’s is now a 20,000 square foot outdoor store specializing in fishing, camping, hunting, footwear and clothing. We no longer only cater to the fishermen, we have experts suited to outfit you for any adventure. Whether you’re hiking the La Cloche Trails or climbing Kilimanjaro, our experts can suit you up no matter where in the world your adventure takes you. We pride ourselves on not only having the know how to set you up for your pursuit but having the gear that can hold up to any expedition you take it on.


Business Financials - What you Need to Know to Make Profit

October 6th 2pm

  • How to check the viability of your business model.
  • How to calculate your new break-even point.
  • Financial management strategies to grow your businesses.


Business Overview

October 7th 2pm

The Business Overview section is where you can elaborate on the details of your business. The who, what, where, when, and why of the business should fall into place and readers should have a clear understanding of how the company will function. In this section, we consider the details included in the descriptions for the business, products and services, human resource requirements and operations sections.


Le marketing ciblé - l'importance de connaitre sa clientèle

8 octobre à 9 h 00

Joignez-vous à un webinaire présenté par la Société économique de l’Ontario (SÉO) et le Centre régional des affaires. Connaitre votre marché cible est important car ceci permet à l’entreprise de diriger ses ressources envers les clients avec un fort potentiel de croissance des ventes, d’intérêt pour le produit et de fidélité à la marque.


Coffee Chat with Up Here Festival

October 13th 9am

We welcome Christian Pelletier, partner of Studio 123 and co-founder of Up Here Fest to share with us his experience.

Christian Pelletier is a graphic designer by day, community artist by night and disc jockey by accident.

Christian is a passionate, driven, and dedicated community champion. As Partner and Art Director at Studio123, Christian is the resident dreamer and manages many francophone accounts.
Christian challenges the creative team and clients alike, to dream up bold new ideas and think outside the box. Focused on the strategic elements design can bring to communications and marketing, he is always thinking of the big picture in order to create fresh engaging campaigns. His work is powered by creativity, and appreciation for clear communications and an intimate understanding of the francophone cultural sector.

Christian is also co-founder of Up Here festival and the non-profit We Live Up Here, two community-driven urban art projects that have garnered city-wide acclaim and international recognition.


Operational Plan

October 14th 2pm

The purpose of the Operations section is to summarize how you plan to operate the business. Included in this section are details regarding the location, facilities, equipment, inventory requirements, suppliers and the workflow process.  In addition, it is important to be aware of the necessary expense and capital requirements to fulfil these daily needs.  Here is where it becomes critical to demonstrate an understanding of the manufacturing or delivery process of producing a product or service.


Coffee Chat with IVEY Group

October 27th 9am

We welcome Anthony Lawley, Founding Partner and President of IVEY Group to share with us his experience.

Anthony is the Founding Partner and President of IVEY Group. Anthony is a bilingual International Recruiter & Immigration Specialist with a strong desire to guide organizations and people in the achievement of their overall personal, economic, social, and business objectives by providing expert advice regarding recruitment, workforce planning, and immigration strategies.

As well as being a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), as recognized by the Human Resources Professionals Association(HRPA), Anthony is also a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).


Contract Negotiation

October 28th 2pm

Contract management skills are important to successfully operate and manage a business with diminished exposure to liability. Learn the legal requirements of a valid contract.


Market Research

November 4th 2pm

Develop effective market research techniques to maximize your business potential.



November 18th 2pm

The marketing plan is developed based on careful planning and consideration. This ensures that the company uses its limited resources efficiently and effectively. The marketing plan details a company’s efforts to satisfy the needs of a particular market segment (portion of the population). This is achieved by coordinating all the elements of the marketing mix (4 P’s: product, price, place/distribution, promotion). We’ll also discuss how to effectively cost a product/service.


Creating an Effective Marketing Budget

November 25th 2pm


Starting a Small Business

December 2nd 2pm

Navigate through the federal, provincial and municipal government programs, services and regulations that may apply to your business.


Writing a Business Plan

December 9th 2pm

A solid business plan is essential to raise money and crucial to your success. Our staff shows you the step by step process of developing your business plan.